Nominations Open

"If you believe that your brand has outperformed its competitors by providing the most reliable & loved products and services and has made a place it the hearts and minds of its consumers and is on a path of continuous improvement, then nominate your pretigious brand today to be in the race to win the most distinguished title of India’s No. 1 Brand.”

Absolutely No Nomination Charges.

India's No. 1 Brand Awards are devoted to honoring a company or a Brand's significant achievements. If you accept the candidacy, the following stages will provide supporting information and undertake a thorough study by our expert team. Then, it will get evaluated by our judging panel in weeks.

Pioneers, risk-takers, and individuals on the cutting edge of brand development are honored. Let us be the prism via which your brightness shines as you reveal to us your genius.

You may self-nominate your brand and share your achievements with a national and worldwide audience. In addition, as a recipient of this award, you may send a message to new and existing companies alike, demonstrating that nothing is impossible if you have the proper vision and dedication.

Which brands can nominate?

  • A brand from any industry or sector can fill out the application letter. We warmly welcome both fresh start-ups and established companies. This award is open to brands & businesses from all across the country since we focus on recognizing and rewarding the best brands in all niches, irrespective of their yearly turnover or industrial sector. Our main goal is for brands to share their story and get inspired by their efforts and ideas. It is why we categorize brands into distinct sectors to ensure that brands have the best chance of winning.

  • B2B Nominations are also open. You get invited to suggest any of the brands if you are affiliated with them and believe they deserve to get recognized on this renowned award platform. The only condition is that you notify the brand about the nomination process, so there are no conflicts or misunderstandings later on if we approach them.

Become an inspiration to those who are attempting to follow in your footsteps. Your accomplishment will demonstrate to the rest of the world that no matter how modest or huge your beginnings, you may one day reach the summit. We welcome nominations from a wide range of businesses, from manufacturers to service providers in various industries.

Nomination & Registration Fee:

  • It costs you nothing to get nominated for India's No. 1 Brand Awards. However, you need to spend some time on our website filling out the nomination form and providing complete facts and information.

  • Later on, if you get chosen as a winner for this prestigious award after being nominated, you will have to pay a modest cost of Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST for enrollment and logo usage rights. By paying the cost, you will be able to use the logo for a year in all of your publicity and marketing materials.

Today is the day to promote your brand and earn the attention it deserves. With this sort of success, you may proudly extend to your customers with much more confidence and acquire a new customer base. Winning this award and incorporating the title and logo into your advertising and sales efforts can help your company & brand expand into new markets.

What is the procedure for registering a winner?

All winners must fill out and complete the registration e-form by signing up on our website and paying the registration fee via digital bank transfer. The jury has set the enrollment and logo utilization rights cost for one year at Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand + 18.00 percent GST). Rs. 59,000/- is the entire sum (Fifty Nine Thousand Only).

The registration cost must be paid by all winners, without exception. The cost covers the expense of the research and assessment process used to identify the brands, and your donation enables us to continue this process and provide you with the No. 1 Brands of India each year.

Please visit our website for completing & submitting your registration e- form. Please use the following bank information to make payment: The NEFT is to be made in favour of "IBC INFOMEDIA PVT. LTD.", ICICI Bank A/c No.: 026705002175, IFSC Code: ICIC0000267, Bank Branch: Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai.

Please Note: Under no circumstances can the registration amount gets refunded after it has gotten paid. The winners will be notified in due time to complete the registration formalities

Note: Please keep in mind that while submitting this nomination form is essential for award consideration, it does not ensure that the Nominees will get selected. Inclusion is contingent on satisfying specific requirements that are in line with the IBC Consilium's purpose, objectives, and rules. The data you provide may potentially get edited for style, reliability, or other purposes.

If you have questions, please contact

Director - Brand Development: Mr. Pushpit Gaur on +91– 7506032459 or

Director - Corporate Affairs: Miss Simi at +91 - 7506032459 or via email at