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The title INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND aims at helping a brand standout from the array of brands in the market. Consumers will prefer a brand with an INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND logo. This enables building the brand value and enhances customer satisfaction which ultimately results in buying the brand. Brands which will receive the title of INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND can use the title with the point of purchase, point of sales and touch points. The impact on the consumers mind is that the brand they buy and use is definitely the INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND.
  • The Awards present a great opportunity for corporate organizations to win recognition for the great work and business excellence their people are delivering to consumers, shareholders and other key stakeholders.
  • Success is of course, most attractive to consumers and suppliers and India's No.1 Brand title helps to enhance the business reputation of your organization.
  • Show pride in your achievements and boost the morale of your stakeholders and staff
  • One of the most reputed & prestigious platform to showcase your brand & network with the best minds in the country from various industry sectors.
The achievement of the INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Award is the most powerful way to build your brand. The Award winners will be eligible to use the INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards logo on all printed and promotional materials for the next one year, which provides adequate evidence to all its customers and suppliers regarding the highest accolade acclaimed by the company or brand.
No business award today receives the kind of recognition and adulation among peers that the INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND will. INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND will provide not only worldwide recognition and prestige, but a competitive advantage in driving business in this tumultuous competitive world. All sectors of business both in manufacturing and service, whether public, private, government, NGO's, self-accounting institutions or business units are eligible to get this award.
After conducting the survey for INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards, we came to know what consumers think about the brands associated with the INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND:
  • Good Brand Value & Reputation: 75 % of consumers think that brands using INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND logo have a good & stable reputation in the market.
  • Purchasing Power: 80 % of consumers are much more likely or more likely to buy a brand having INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND logo.
  • Quality Products & Consumer Confidence: 60 % of consumers think that the brand having the logo of INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND must be a better quality brand compared to other brands in the same category.
  • Recommendation: 75 % of consumers are much more or more likely to recommend brands with INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND logo to friends and family.
  • Brand Trust: 75 % of consumers think that INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND is a trustworthy brand and they can completely rely on the quality of the brand.
  • Try New Products: 60 % of consumers are more likely to try a new product if the brand is associated with INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND logo.

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