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IBC Corp. is a multinational business consulting and market research firm headquartered in USA which provides consulting to companies interested in increasing profits, sales and revenue or aiming to start new ventures. IBC Corp. is the trusted advisor to many of the world's most leading businesses and institutions. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and assurance in the capital markets and in economies across the globe. Let's combine your aspirations with our world-class strategies to achieve your business goals.

IBC InfoMedia (A Division of International Brand Consulting Corporation,USA) is a company which has expertise in providing consulting to organizations who are interested in developing their brand value strategy.

IBC InfoMedia is a trusted name for Market Intelligence and Research solutions and a headstrong counsellor to many influential businesses and institutions in India. We are focused on creating and managing brands as valuable strategic business assets and evaluating the viability of extending a brand into new categories and retail channels.
The importance of analyzing brand performance is a priority for organizations. With analysis of the performance, an organization could ascertain and determine strategies to further elevate the awareness of their brand, which will result in increased brand equity to increase its business and revenue. To acquire the much needed information, IBC InfoMedia has developed the INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards concept. Global corporations, emerging companies and consulting firms in a wide impressive display turn to IBC InfoMedia for industry specific knowledge, services and products that support their strategic decision making and day to day knowledge processes
The strategies we create take our client's Brands to a level where they have never been before. The expertise of IBC InfoMedia is feasibility studies, brand research auditing, competitive peer analysis, brand positioning, portfolio strategy, brand architecture, brand workshops, brand strategy, brand naming, brand valuation and customer segmentation.

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