Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Business & Service Excellence status help in the growth of our business?
While any winner of Business & Service Excellence is bound to benefit in terms of growth in business, it largely depends upon how you utilize this achievement. You would surely appreciate that the best of tools are a waste in the hands of someone who doesn't know how to use them. This will be true for those very few winners who do not put enough thought into effectively marketing this unique achievement of theirs and just wish that the achievement will work some sort of magic! Those having the right marketing acumen will be able to take immense advantage of being a winner of Business & Service Excellence and should be able to enhance their own market share and leave their competition miles behind without too much of an effort.
How can I utilize the official logo of INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND in order to maximize exposure as a proud participant?
You will need to be in touch with our Corporate Branding team on these matters and they will guide you on the correct and authorized usage of our logos.
When would the results be announced?
We will send a letter to all winners prior to the awards function.
What would we receive as a winner of the prestigious award?
Winners of the award will receive the certificate of recognition and a Trophy of INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards.
I am unable to attend the awards ceremony, can i still register and participate in the awards this year?
Yes, all winners who are not able to attend the ceremony for any reason will be sent their certificate/trophy through courier provided they have completed all formalities of nomination including submission of required documents etc. and making the payment of nomination fees applicable to the winners.
What are the key advantages of participation to the winners?
  • Business & Service Excellence not just recognizes you or your organisation as one of the many customer-focused organisations but declares you as the best amidst the rest in your category and geography when it comes to commitment to customer satisfaction and delight.
  • Since all businesses are people-oriented and interaction dependent, you can endorse the role of your staff, motivate them, boost their self-esteem and pride, achieve higher productivity and hence enhance retention and check attrition rate.
  • It enables you to reach out to prospective customers with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense marketing and PR value of the award. The winners will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of their unflinching commitment towards customer satisfaction through an extensive PR campaign in web, print and TV media. They'll enjoy publicity that will establish their reputation as a proven provider of quality products and exemplary levels of services.
  • The award ceremony will be covered by leading newspapers and TV channels.

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