Our Concept behind INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND AWARDS

INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards is a concept developed by Mr.Hemant Kaushik, a market researcher, founder of the International Brand Council and the CEO of IBC InfoMedia (International Brand Consultants). After the event in India, we will start the INDIA's NO.1 BRAND Awards function internationally in North America, Europe and Pan Asian countries and expand as needed.

INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards ceremony will be conducted separately for India, USA, U.K, France, UAE, Bangkok, Malaysia, Canada, and Singapore as well as for other countries.

IBC InfoMedia in collaboration with its parent company International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA as the academic partner has been instrumental to the launch of INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards in India. As a leading market research & business consulting firm specializing in strategic communication, advertising effectiveness, media and brand equity research IBC helps clients grow great brands through comprehensive research based qualitative and quantitative solutions.

INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards believes that it can provide tremendous service by identifying those which have maintained the highest standards of product integrity and brand development. Obviously, winners are not necessarily the highest selling brands but those that have worked hard to win consumer trust.

INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards is a distinctive recognition for a brand recognized as leader in its industry category based on current year marketing standing. Its evaluation process is based on a nationwide quantitative qualified consumer survey, expert analysis and attributes based qualitative brand research. IBC InfoMedia Pvt Ltd is the principal executor, trademark owner and the sole intellectual property owner of the activity of "INDIA'S NO.1 BRAND Awards".

Our Recent Award Winners :

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